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Thinking how to process medical bill payments at the ePayItOnline portal? If you are standing at the same point, don’t worry. I am going to help by providing a simple and understandable guide right here. Usually, the portal so-called ePayItOnline linked up to various health care providers available in the United States of America.

It is normally introduced in the year 2001 and acting as the best solution for processing bill payments online successfully. In comparison with various, the ePayItOnline considered as the world’s largest medical bill online portal available over the Nordic region. Whatever, the process involved over here is very simple and anyone can make use of it.


Not only processing medical bill payments but also there is a chance to cross-verifying pending bill statements, booking an appointment to the specific doctor, and many more can be done without undergoing any disturbances in the middle. Noting down all this information, let us undergo some more important facts about the ePayItOnline right here.

About ePayItOnline 

This is one of the well-known online portals offers like peryourhealth online payment system their service to be accessed by numerous health-care providers in the United States of America. Once this has come into the market, now paying medical bills, and many more had become very much simple and easier.

The only requirement you need is the patient ID and smart device with a strong internet connection. It is basically developed by Data Media Associates in the year 2001. The only citizens of the United States of America have a right to get access to it.

online payonline

Moreover, it is going to accept the mode of payments like credit cards/ debit cards/ Master cards/ through net banking in a perfect way. One more interesting point of fact about it is the person who is accessing ePayItOnline can claim for refund policy when the payments not accepted through it.

How to get Register at www.epayitonline.com

Are you the new user? If the answer to this yes, no problem. I am going to explain a very simple and easy registration process step by step mentioned in the form of bullet points.

  • Firstly, open the web browser in your smart device and visit the official site called  www.ePayItOnline.com.
  • Once after the page gets loaded successfully, you are requested to enter the needful details like access id and code id at the provided space. However, these details can be easily identified on the billing statement itself issued in the hospitals or medical clinics respectively.
  • After entering all such details, click on submit.

ePayitonline login process

  • Now you are moved to the next page. And this is where you are requested to fill the details like name, address, registered email id, zip code, contact number and many more honestly.
  • Including these, do not forget to provide the patient or person’s health status right over there.
  • And in the end, you will be able to enter the SSN (Social Security Number). Also, remember this for obtaining further assistance.
  • Cross-examine all the details and then click on continue.
  • Now, you are all set to log in and access the portal very well.

ePayItOnline Login and Online Payment Step by Step Process

Finally, we have come to the point. This is where you will be able to learn the login process as well as how exactly the payments can be processed without facing a single problem.

  • Before, initiating the process, check whether the clinic you are undergoing through is accepting the ePayItOnline or not.
  • If yes, then begin the process as per the steps provided here.
  • Open the browser and move to the official site called www.epayitonline.com.
  • The login page is here. You’re requested to enter the details like access number and code id at the corresponding spaces and once after submitting them, tap on login.
  • Cross-verify all the details you have provided and tap on the submit button.

epayitonline login

  • The dashboard is here. If you have noticed, there is a payment option displayed on the screen. Tap on it for making the payment successfully.
  • You are then asked to select the mode of payment from the options like credit cards, debit card, Master card, net banking respectively.
  • Pick one convenient mode of payment and enter the needful details to process the payments successfully.
  • Once the transaction is done, you will receive the confirmation mail or message to your device immediately.

ePayItOnline – Refunds Policy

While coming to its refund policy, this is going to be considered as the most important factor to be undergone. Both the refund and its policy were playing the most useful as well as important factors than any other. It completely refunds the amount through the web.

epayitonline Refunds policy

And this is when the health service provider fails to accept the payment through ePayItOnline, the person can claim for obtaining the refunds. It takes a while but well done at the end. Moreover, it keeps changing based on the time factor.

What all the Benefits achieved on using ePayItOnline 

The following are the benefits achieved using the ePayItOnline portal. Go through them so that you might get some idea regarding these details.

  • The portal is safe, highly reliable, portable enough.
  • You can also update your personal information at the portal undoubtedly. Because the details however mentioned by you going to be secure all the time.
  • Saving time as well as money by accessing this portal is very much possible.
  • It is going to accept all types or modes of payments.
  • You have a chance to check previous transactions as well as pending too very well irrespective of time.


Now I hope, you are clear with the concept. For any doubts or likely to learn many interesting things about this, just simply drop a single comment. So that we will help in resolving out as well as update with the current news on time. If you think forward to help other people to learn about the portal, share through any social media. Keep connected with peryourhealth.ninja for learning more and more interesting things.

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