What Is Zelis Payments? How To Pay Bills Via Zelis Payment

Did you ever hear about the Zelis Payments? Before we go through the details when it has come into the existence, In the year 2016 the electronic payments were done with the help of this portal and www.peryourhealth.com portal. People these days choosing or preferring to process electronic payments either might be medical or any as it delivers greater comfort or convenience.

In simple, the platform is safe and secure to process health care payments using the portal called Zelis Payments. To learn about the Zelis payments, in brief, let me explore the concept in simple words. It is all considered as electronic payments done on the basis of Health care insurer’s payment.┬áThe payment might be related to dental/ medical or any will be paid or make the payment done to the health care providers in a more effective way.

Zelis Payments

Also, accessing this portal greatly helps in reducing the paperwork. Process the Zelis payments much faster than the mail checks. Thereby improves the cash flow. Not just process the payments done successfully but also deliver numerous benefits upon accessing the Zelis payments. Anyhow to access the same or to enhance the same benefits, one must create an account initially. Thus the process is as shared below. Let’s head over into the details without making any delay.

What Is Zelis Payments? How To Pay Bills Via Zelis Payment?

Zelis Payments are electronic payments that are processed safely and in a secure way. One more interesting point about this is to process payments faster and in an effective way. Delivers various benefits and most of the people prefer in making payments done via the Zelis payments successfully.

zelis payments provider protal login

Anyhow to do the same, if you are new, one must create the account initially. Thus the process of creating an account, login process, paying bills using Zelis payments were as shown below. Let’s have a look over the needful details now which were shared below in brief.

How to Create an Account on Zelis Payments?

If you are new to Zelis Payments, follow the below instructions. Implement the same and create the account now.

  • Visit the Zelis Payments official website.
  • Tap on the login button displayed on the home page.
  • It opens a new tab. This is the place where you see the sign-in option. Click on it.
  • Fill out the needful details and then finally tap on submit.
  • That’s it!!

This way you can easily create an account without facing even a single hurdle.

Steps to Login to Zelis Payments?

When you think about the login process, it is as simple as that. Make sure you follow the below instructions and apply the same to obtain a successful login. Thus the steps were as shown below.

zelis payments phone number

  • Tap on the option called the provider’s login button.
  • Input the details like username and password.
  • Finally, click on login.

I hope the login process is clear. This way you can start accessing your account anytime on the basis of your need or requirement.

How to Pay Bills Using Zelis Payments?

You all may get doubts and maybe the one who is searching for the payment process carried out over the Zeils payments portal. Well, if in that case, here is the process. Very simple and easy to understand. Let’s head over to it. As we discussed the process is so simple.

Once the person’s enrollment in Zelis payments finishes, you are allowed to attack the bank account details too. As the Zelis payments are safe and secure, worry not!! Hence whenever the user is in need, the Zelis payments make automatic payment which is quite easy, and efficient too. This way one can easily pay bills using Zelis payments taking a very little amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

To get more ideas about or to learn more details about the Zelis Payments, go through the following Frequently Asked Questions shared just below.

What is Zelis Payments? Who uses It?
Zelis Payments are the electronic payments done by the various people. The process is online. Payments related to the dental, workers competition insurers for enhancing healthcare, medical, and many others can be done just by accessing the Zelis payments account.
How to Pay using the Zelis payments?
Once the user successfully gets enrolled, the funds will automatically be transferred into the bank account. All you need to choose the plan and then suggested making a payment.
How to Cancel the Zelis Payments account? Is It Possible?
Yes, canceling the Zelis payments account is very much possible. All you need to make a request saying delete or cancel your account or make a request to Zelis deletes or you may no longer be likely to use account information to enhance its services. If at all needed can contact the Zelis services through the mail id inquiries@zelis.com respectively.
How to Contact the Zelis Payments Team?
You can contact the Zelis Payments Client Service Department through the number (877) 828-8770.
How much the Zelis charge is for ACH?
Its around 2% charge encountered on your payment account. AS much big amount you pay, the charge becomes much more efficient.
Who owns the zelis healthcare?
Parthenon Capital Partners and Bain Capital. Introduced in the year 2016 and the whole is completely based on Bedminster, New Jersey, the United States of America.
Does zelis considered as a clearinghouse?
Yes and it is Zelis Automated Clearinghouse (ACH). Receives fast and secure payments via Zelis ACH. Once the person is enrolled successfully, the funds will automatically be transferred to the bank account as deposits. All you need to move one place to match exactly what you have billed versus paid from 330 payers.
Where does the Zelis Headquarters located?
Bedminster, New Jersey, the United States of America.
How big the Zelis is?
It has around 1000 associates serving the number of payers around 700 along with the top best 5 national health plans, regional health plans, Blues plans, TPAs and self-insured employers, along with the 1.5 million+ providers.
How many employees working under the Zelis?
Around 2000 employees.


I hope the login process, how to pay, and if you are newly creating account details as well the instructions shared above were crystal clear. In case, if you like to have appropriate guidance either to create the account/ login process/ how to pay/ enrollment whatever, mention in the followed comment section. We will guide you. To learn more interesting details, keep your eye over peryourhealth.ninja and make yourself updated with the latest and needful information.

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