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Quickpayportal is an online site that greatly allows people to make payments online successfully like PerYourHealth Bill pay. This is basically introduced by the person called Athena Health Inc, headquartered in Massachusetts. It is completely an American company dealing with the people living there and allow to access its services very well.

That means patients who have undergone the treatment under the service of Athena Health Inc has a chance to pay medical bills online. Soon after introducing this, it becomes a success due to some rescue factors like time, money, accessing flexible methods of processing payments, processing pending bills, checking out transaction history, and many more.

quickpayportal manage patient bill online

The process of accessing it however going to be very simple and easy to understand. But to begin your journey with it, need the 15-digit QuickPay code/ access code/ statement ID and get register yourselves. Later can pay all the bills successfully without facing any kind of trouble. Now let us get ready to learn some more important facts about the Quickpayportal.

About QuickPayPortal

This is an American Company introduced to make payments online without wasting time standing in the long queue. In other terms, called a people’s portal. You can access this through any Smart device and irrespective of time and location respectively.

The portal is highly secure and you need to come up with a 15-digit code for accessing or continuing in processing payments with it successfully. American Citizens can utilize this opportunity and make payments done on time wonderfully. One more interesting point of fact about it accepts all types of cards.

It might be the debit/ credit/ Master card or any including net banking. Not only processing payments, but you can also feel free to book an appointment through this patient portal very well. But to implement these, one must get register themselves. This process and other interesting facts, however, can be learned through below.

How To Register On QuickPayPortal [Step by Step Process]

Whoever is new to the portal, here is the simple process. Follow the below instructions one by one and before you start to check whether the internet connection is connected successfully or still not yet. If the connection is established, follow the below steps.

quickpayportal pay your medical bills

  • The very first, open any of the web browsers and visit the official site called quickpayportal.com. Or else copy and paste the link subjected to https://www.quickpayportal.com respectively.
  • Right there you are requested to click on the sign-in button for processing further payments online.
  • Fill up the needful details like name, age, date of birth, the reason for the cause of illness and many more honestly.
  • Finally, tap on the submit button.
  • Set up the new, tricky, strong or unique password for obtaining further access.  Remember the password you have created and also the registered email id provided at the time of registering yourself at quickpayportal.com.
  • Tick mark the terms and conditions and then tap on create an account.

Now you are all set to access the services offered by the QuickPayPortal like booking appointments, verifying transaction history, processing medical payments and many more in a perfect way.

QuickPayPortal – Pay Medical Bills Online

This is the process involved to process payments online. And this is done only when you have come across and completed the registration process. Let us now go through the steps involved right here to pay medical bills online successfully.

  • Firstly, open any of the web browsers and visit the official site called www.quickpayportal.com.
  • Right there you will notice a signup button asking you to fill or enter the 15 Digit Quickpay code / Statement id/ Access code respectively.


  • One can learn the Quickpay code/ Statement ID/ access code in the patient medical invoice itself.

Athena bill pay portal

  • Once after the successful entry, click on the sign-in button.
  •  Now all set to access its services online very well. For this, you must and should open the payment tab initially.
  • Right there click on the bill you are looking to pay, verify the payment details and confirm by paying through any card either it is credit/ debit/ master or net banking respectively.

quickpayportal payment history

  • Once the payment is shown as successful, it provides the acknowledgment receipt saying the same. You have to keep the receipt safe for obtaining further assistance.

QuickPayPortal – Pay Medical Bills Through Phone

Till now you might have seen the registration process and how to pay medical bills online at www.quickpayportal.com. But now, the service can be accessed through your Smartphones itself. How is that possible is very well mentioned here. Go through the instructions and implement them accordingly to access such a wonderfully convenient method.

quickpayportal billing summary sheet

  • Accessing the QuickPayPortal services through mobile is none other than dialing up to its customer care number.
  • The customer care number, however, going to be available at the top of the billing invoice itself. Dial the number and you are requested to follow these simple or basic steps.
  • Whenever it asks or prompt, provide the Quickpay code/ Statement ID/ Access code available in it. And then select the mode of payment to be processed without wasting even a single minute.
  • Enter the details by taking the utmost care and complete the process.
  • After undergoing the successful transaction, you will be able to receive either through SMS or with an email to the registered mail address posted over the time of the registration process.
  • That’s all!!!!


In my thought, you might clear about the process involved here. If any doubts or still looking for more interesting facts, without stepping back mention a single comment. We are here to help and update you with the essential information. Also, if you like the article and looking forward to sharing, please through any social media. Keep in touch with peryourheralth.ninja for learning more and more interesting information posted over here.

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