MyMedicalPayments – Login And Pay Guide

MyMedicalPayments is the online payment portal like peryourhealth by which people can make payments done in a secure way. Not just paying medical bills, but also updating the billing address, reviewing the account balance and many things were possible by just simply accessing the MyMedicalPayments online portal. Just by performing a single click, any person can easily manage and process paying medical bills without facing even a single difficulty.

Well, one more interesting point is the service offered by the MyMedicalPayments is very similar to the other online portals like PerYourHealth and TheDoctorBill. The user interface it has looks simple and easy to access. For instance, if you have been visited the doctor in recent times and looking forward to making the secure online payment, can pick the MyMedicalPayments portal and allowed to process payments done successfully.


Thus to process, you need to provide the details as input were the account number, verify your identity, patient’s date of birth. As simple as that. Not just paying medical bills, but can also pay for the insurance just by providing the insurance details as an input. How advantageous is the portal right? Especially in the pandemic situation, these portals are going to help a lot. Hence if you also like to be one in paying medical bills securely, try accessing this online portal. Anyhow the complete details as shared below. Let’s begin.

MyMedicalPayments – Login And Pay Guide

MyMedicalPayments payment portal is the place by which people were asked to process their medical bills by making payments encountered at the time of the doctor visit. Processing payments via this portal is anyhow safe and secure too. No one has to get register their account for paying medical bills online.

All you need is a billing statement, account details, and patient date of birth. Make sure you enter the valid details at the time of processing payments online. Apart from this, let us now concentrate on the simple steps which clearly guide us on how to make our job done easier. Hence let’s begin.

  • The very first visit the official website mymedicalpayments so that you see the portal page displaying on the screen.


  • This is the place where you are requested to enter details like an account number.
  •  Next to this, verify your identity.
  • Finally, make sure you enter the patient’s date of birth.
  • Once after the successful entry, tick marks the check box which showcases that you are accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Now perform sign-in to access the MyMedicalPayments online portal.
  • If you are unaware of the account number, can check the bill.

patient medpayment

  • But after sign in, here is the portal by which you can make payments done either by using a debit/ credit card as per your convenience or comfort.

This way everybody can visit the portal and process their medical bills paying them successfully.

How to Pay Medical Bills at MyMedicalPayments through Phone

Well, as simple as that. If you are thinking to process medical bills by taking the help of MyMedicalPayments service, thus it’s time to contact the respective customer service team. Hence its number is 800-355-2470. It might not know whether they accept the payments through phone. But yes, of course, they will help and guide you if you get any doubts while accessing the online portal.

How to Pay Medical Bills at MyMedicalPayments through Email

If you like to process payments via mail, you can contact the representative via mail and the mailing address can be found on the bill or statement.

MyMedicalPayments Requirements

The following are the requirements you need to gather before accessing the online portal. Hence the points are as shown below.

  • MyMedicalPayments official website address.
  • Valid details like valid account number, patient’s date of birth.
  • A supportable or latest or upgraded version of a web browser.
  • Any Smart device like Smartphone/ Tablet/ Laptop/ PC.
  • The strong High signaled internet connection.

These are the basic requirements that you need to gather before accessing the online medical portal.

MyMedicalPayments Benefits

Whoever tries to access the online payment portal, has a chance in grabbing the opportunity of achieving the following benefits. The points are as shown below.

  • The payments done through this portal is secure.
  • The person or patients can review the account balance.
  • People or patients can make partial or full payments as per their convenience or comfort.
  • The billing updates can be done easily by the patients upon accessing this online portal.
  • Also, if needed, can download the billing statement too.

These are the benefits one can achieve upon accessing the online payment portal called MyMedicalPayments.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be more clear about the details related to MyMedicalPayments online payment portal, go through the following Frequently Asked Questions now.

Is Accessing MyMedicalPayments online portal is secure?
Yes, 100% secure. Probably many hospitals were accepting the payments done through this respective online portal.
How to contact the Office?
Once can contact the office on this contact number 800-355-2470. And the timings starts from Monday-Friday running successfully between 9:30 to 4:30.
Can we update the billing address?
Yes after signing up by providing the account number, the person can update the patient’s billing address.
Where to found other details of the online portal?
In order to learn the information related to any, you are suggested to visit the official website


As per my thoughts, the details or information related to the MyMedicalPayments portal is clear. If you are one of the people who is looking forward to making online payments done, pick the MyMedicalPayments online Payment portal which is considered as best. However to learn more portals and to learn more information, stay connected with at any time as per your need and requirement.

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